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Home automation systems seamlessly integrates many diverse systems into an easily managed whole. Instead of cluttering your home with multiple wall switches and remote controls, often swapping from one to another to obtain the desired results. We combine these systems into a single point of control.

Integrated Systems havs worked with many homes in the kensington and notting hill area and also have many customers all across Europe, being a trusted supplier of home automation systems, home cinema and Lighting systems whether you're a residential customer or PAN European customer your in safe hands


We believe our installations will make your home into a more comfortable, convenient and relaxed place to live. Home Automation systems should be used to provide a tangible benefit and where it can solve problems. Examples include automated exterior lighting, which only activates after dusk – yet knows when dusk is every day of the year, and ensuring that separated heating and cooling systems are not on at the same time in the same areas.

Home Automation sytems can be used to put homes into a ‘low energy’ mode whilst residents are on vacation, automatically bringing the home back up to comfort temperature just prior to the residents return.

Blinds and skylight shades can be automatically deployed to cut down on sunlight entering a room in order to lower temperatures. Curtains can be included in lighting scenes. Blinds, curtains, and lighting can be automatically controlled during periods of non-occupancy to replicate normal usage patterns, thus maintaining the illusion that the premises are still occupied.

Systems can be accessed remotely, but securely, in order to check on status, arm/ disarm security systems, open gates for contractor access, view CCTV images, adjust temperatures, start the Jacuzzi, etc.